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 No More Hurst Cars

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PostSubject: No More Hurst Cars    Wed Jul 20, 2011 11:33 pm

No More Hurst Cars

See link:


Well its something that was expected! They were not sell much cost was just to high! As far as the programming I think it sucks that Dodge would do that as that would also kill the future of its performance line up as it stops the production of aftermarket parts! Why buy the part if you can't change the tuning to work with the part!
I do not see a company like Diablo being able to pay someone to be able to crack it as the cost would be so high! And to be honest when it come to CMR tuning Diablo while they have the only product out there for the Hemi it lacks real bad when it comes to CMR tuning. Not there fault but the fault of Dodge. that is why you don;t see any other companies that provide a tuning software or the Hemi!
To me its a sad day for dodge! As I sad it kills the after market for Superchargers, turbos, the juice shots, Cams the list goes down all the way to Cold air intakes! Real dumb move for Dodge as they just killed me buying any car from they that I would want to do modifications to!
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No More Hurst Cars
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